In addition to being a full-scale sports agency, 329 Services provides it's clients with several other premium services.  329 Services prides itself on fostering relationships with its clients that enable them to be as well-rounded as possible.  Below are some of the ways we achieve that...



Uses high level contact with teams and leagues all over the world to secure the best contracts for our clients.  These contacts help us get an "inside track" on the competition to get our clients the best situation for them. 

The work doesn't stop after the contract is done.  Part of our agency is building the players brand through known companies.  The type of players we go after have star potential, and we help build their platform in every way possible.  




329 Services is available for any and all needs of it's clients.  Our clients are and will always be our top priority.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are available for any and every need. 



Another area of expertise is exposure.  When our clients do a good job, we want people to know about it.  329 Services has extensive contacts with major news and television outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBA TV, etc.  We use these contacts to build visibility for our clients...